Light Scattering Measurement


  • The scattered light particle agglutination is based on the antigen-antibody reaction, where the antibodies of the target pathogens attached to the polystyrene latex microspheres are mixed with the detection samples, and thus the aggregation occurs by the antibody-antigen interaction.
  • The agglomerated particles become larger than the original particles, and the scattered light from the particles can be measured by optical fibers.
  • It can detect the presence and concentration of pathogens with high accuracy in a few minutes.
네오나노텍 광측정 분석시스템

Lamp Specifications

Physical Dimensions 90mm × 50mm × 32mm(LS-450 only)
Power Consumption 25 mA @ 12 VDC
Power Output(mininum) 50μW into 600μm fiber
Stability <1.0% after 2-minute warm-up
LED Drive Current 20 mA, 5 mA switchable

Lead time : 2~3 month


  • Pathogen detection, Point-of-care diagnosis and In-vitro diagnosis