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Packaging technology for plastic-plastic, film-plastic, plastic-wafer, and film-wafer is the finishing process of injection molded parts. It shows excellent sealing and bonding properties, which has been technologically invested by Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials as follows.

Packaging by Ultrasonic Welding & Mechanical Contact

neonanotech Packaging by Ultrasonic Welding & Mechanical Contact
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Good adhesion
  • Good success rate(> 95%)
  • Good productivity (cycle time ~ 15 sec)
  • Packaging by Film Thermal Lamination

    neonanotech Packaging by Film Thermal Lamination
  • Typical packaging for microfluidic platforms currently
  • Good for a handy device
  • A Reversible Packaging Solution

    neonanotech A Reversible Packaging Solution
  • Uniform contact pressure at the interface
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Controllable sealing level during operation
  • Excellent success rate(~ 100%) and productivity (< a few seconds)
  • Very short lead time for packaging
  • Application

    • Packaging for microfluidic channel based devices, and MEMS or Bio-MEMS based devices