Liposome Synthesis Device

  • Encapsulation of active substances using microfluidic chips
  • Liposome synthesizing chips, device, and synthesized liposomes can be delivered.


  • Liposomes are microscopic spheres made from fatty materials, predominantly phospholipids.
  • Made up of one or more concentric lipid bilayers, and range in size from 50nm to several μm in diameter.
  • Can be synthesized by mixing with a phospholipid aqueous solution using a microfluidic chip, and can be used for medicines and biomaterials that need protection/separation from external environments.
Neonanotech Liposome
Neonanotech Liposome
The principle of liposome synthesis
  • Specifications
    • -Increased yield by 25% comparing with conventional microfluidizers
    • -Liposome size: 50~250nm (adjustable)
    • -Yield: Higher than 40%
    • -Uniformity: More than 90%
  • Lead time: 1 month
  • Application: Drug delivery system, highly-funtional cosmetics, and biosensors