Cell Culture

Collaborated with University of Oxford and Pusan National Universityneonanotech Liposome Synthesis Device


  • The microfluidic channel based three-dimensional perfusion method provides an environment similar to the cell metabolism activity and growth in the body which is supplied with nutrients and oxygen through blood vessels.
  • Therefore, it enables efficient cell culture and accurate test results through sufficient delivery of oxygen and fast diffusion of nutrient, compared with existing macro-scaled cell culture.
  • It is possible to observe and analyze the movement of cells, and the interaction between cells and extracellular matrix in real time, which can be observed in various phenomena in human body such as angiogenesis, immune response, and cancer metastasis
  • More systematic research can be performed on how specific factors, environments, or combinations thereof affect cells by applying diverse physical and chemical stimuli on the cells.
Neonanotech Cell Culture


Channel linewidth > 500 μm
Channel depth 2000 μm
Concentration gradient 4 stage
Uniform mixing degree ≤ 5% SD
Air collection function 95% ≤

Lead time : 2~3 month


  • New drug development, disease treatment technology through efficient diagnosis and analysis