Nano/micro Structures Design and Fabrication

Fabrication of nano/micro patterned molds using semiconductor processes (MEMS)
Fabrication of templates for nano-imprinting, and stampers for injection molding


  • Pattern size: 100nm ~ hundreds of μm, aspect ratio < 3
  • Pattern shape: Pillar, grating, pinhole, channel, etc.
  • Processing area: < Φ 300nm
  • Materials: Si-wafer, quartz, sodalime glass, metal, etc.

Major Equipment

  • Lithography: Mask aligner, e-beam, laser direct writing, etc.
  • Thin film deposition: Sputter, e-beam evaporator, ALD, etc.
  • Electro forming machine (Ni plating)
  • Analysis/Test: Optical microscope, FE-SEM, etc.

Micro Injection Molding

Mass production of nano/micro parts using nano/micro patterned molds
The molded parts needed for POCT/IVD device, liposome synthesis device, RNA extraction device, etc.


  • Pattern size: 100nm ~ hundreds of μm, aspect ratio < 5
  • Pattern shape: Pillar, channel, etc.
  • Processing area: 30mm×30mm ~ 400mm×400mm
  • Materials: PMMA, PC, PP, COC, COP, TPU, etc.

Major Equipment

  • Injection molding machine: 50T, 350T, 550T
  • Stamper based nano/micro injection mold (Molding area : < 50mm×50mm)
  • Cartridge micro structure based injection mold (Molding area : < 100mm×100mm)
  • Rapid heating and cooling systems on the molds

Assembly/Packaging of Microfluidic Channel Platforms

Injection molded parts can be efficiently sealed by unique packaging technologies.

Packaging Method

  • Ultrasonic Welding & Mechanical Contact
  • Film Thermal Lamination
  • Reversible Packaging

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