Neo Nanotech has provided optimized POCT/IVD solutions for client’s needs based on its specialized technologies such as nanostructure fabrication, micro injection molding, and platform packaging, while collaborating R&D work with prestigious global business partners. Besides, Neo Nanotech produces various biotechnological devices for pathogen RNA extraction, circulating tumor cell separation, and liposome synthesis by using its own microfluidic channel fabrication technologies.

Early Diagnostics for Ovarian Cancer

Early Diagnostics for OvarianCancer

Non-invasive in-vitro diagnostic method using exosome biomarker secreted from ovarian cancer cells. Ovarian cancer is one of the most difficult to diagnose early due to the absence of specific observable symptoms. The survival rate is only 10 to 20% if detected at 3rd~4th stages, but the 5 year survival rate is 92% if detected early.